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produzione made in italy di qualità e lusso


The exquisite GENEVE Collection is made from refined, smart wood, capable of enhancing the charms of different home rooms.

The central finishing of GENEVE Collection is certainly Indian Rosewood. Thanks to its natural grain and warm shades of violet and brown, this luxury wood perfectly emphasizes the elegance and majesty of this incredible Collection.

Collection Detail

View the gallery of the style collections of the Diamond collection at the following links:

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The “trait-union” feature of the whole collection is represented by the superb wavy frame that is reported in each and every piece of this range of products. Its soft and gentle shape helps to give lightness and elegance to the whole home and creates harmony and dynamism among the various furnishing elements.

The collection comprises unique pieces emphasizing the remarkable amount of dexterity required, great care for every single technical and aesthetic detail, formal and functional elements resulting in a major visual impact in the rooms.