Home Theatre


Home Theatre

Project focused on the study and manufacturing of a HOME THEATER for a private house.

GCCOLOMBO design studio has identified the optimal division of the room and of the general space so as to obtain a place that is as comfortable as possible and functional at the same time.

HOME THEATER walls have been covered with wood panelling of different material and finishing in order to optimize sound and volume waves and to have, at the same time, a great and aesthetic effect.
An original dynamism has been created by mixing upholstered wall cladding panels covered with natural leather and with glossy Makassar Ebony frame with Clear and Tinted Mirror wall cladding panels. Chromed steel profiles have been used to recreate a “light blade” effect between the various finishes and across the entire room.

The project has been then completed by adding useful and functional furnishing complements, such as coffee tables, floor plans, decorative columns, and upholstered seats (armchairs and sofas) specifically for HOME THEATERS.