Luxury Finishing and Creativity

Making new projects is always exciting. You have the chance to realize a thousand fantastic ideas starting from a blank and you have to face infinite creative choices. It’s like inventing a new world that is more beautiful, more fulfilling…exactly made on size, just as we had imagined and desired.

After developing the style and the general layout of the project, the creative part focuses on the choice of finishes and colours. It’s this combination that, together with design, gives that specific personalizing force and that uniqueness that, in some way, defines ourselves: who we are, our personality, what we want to communicate to those who will enter that specific ambience we are furnishing.

So, briefly, choosing finishing and colours of an interior ambience is equivalent to put our own signature!

In a general and large view of the “project-making” program, this is sure a very delicate step and it should be absolutely not underestimated.

There are many factors to take into consideration and the possibilities are endless. Fantasy has the power but it is equally important not to stumble along the way.

That’s why it is important to rely on professionals who know their job and who are able to guide personal choices in such a way as to highlight the strengths of a room while avoiding stylistic errors and chaotic matches of materials and colours.

GCCOLOMBO offers all its customers this type of service and support. Each choice is evaluated and based on the client’s requests, the type of project and the personality of those who want to create something new.

Every choice is original. Every interior is different. Every furniture tells a story.