Luxury Master Bedrooms

It is not easy to furnish rooms in a luxurious and refined way without falling into “bad taste”.
Thanks to its experience of more than 65 years in the luxury furniture market, GCCOLOMBO has a deep “know-how” in managing and in coordinating many elements in order to obtain an amazing final result:
lines of high design are able to underline, in an apparently simple way, art workings that are typical of an old handcrafted carpentry tradition;
precious woods, such as Makassar Ebony, mixed with high quality leathers give character to the finishes and the general colours selected for the room.

In this luxury bedroom, GCCOLOMBO has thought of a complete furnishing: bed with double drawer bedside tables, bench in Makassar Ebony and leather, Como’ with horizontal and vertical drawers push-pull, Lamps, Paintings, Bed setting with related decorative cushions.

Nothing is ever left to chance. Everything is studied and defined accordingly to specific requests of each client.

A love for furnishing and design that has no boundaries.
GCCOLOMBO, your choice of class.