Mashrabiya Elegance


Traditionally, mashrabiya is a passive cooling system typical of the areas of North Africa and the Arab world. Originally this term was reserved to protruding spaces from dwellings with openings screened by particular wooden gratings able to guarantee the internal thermo-hygrometric well-being by exploiting the physical characteristics of the wood and the climatic conditions of the place.
Today with “mashrabiya” we mean those openings screened by a wooden grille, discreet, useful and elegant, characterized by a more or less thick texture. The functions of mashrabiya grids are different and vary accordingly to the density of the plot, the height of the screen and the place where it is placed.

Tradition offers us interesting architectural ideas and the challenge, nowadays, is to reinterpret them, update them, and adapt them to current trends and habits.
The idea is to modernize an ancient architectural element rich in charm, and to renew its employment in design and luxurious ambiences and rooms.
Therefore, these wooden grids are matched with other more modern materials such as metals, for example, and are backlit by LEDs. The flashes of light, meeting the particular plots of the grids, create interesting and fascinating light and dark contrasts and this surely gives greater prestige to the ambience in which they are placed.