Milano Fashion Week 2018


The great International Fashion Week has just ended in Milan. The city, and its entire district, has turned into an amazing brilliant catwalk.

New trends walked down the catwalk and showed us the fashion guidelines of today and the coming months.

Fashion models of elegance blend perfectly with the creative abilities of the Design world.

Furniture Design and Fashion: two closely connected worlds where one influences the other so much that, sometimes, the boundary between them is lost to merge into a single horizon.

GCCOLOMBO, even in this case, aligns itself with the trends of the moment, matching its values of reference, LUXURY-ELEGANCE-QUALITY, with the dynamic vision and trends of the great fashion designers.

Entering your walk-in closet will be like entering a prestigious and exclusive boutique. A private luxury that you can feel and enjoy every day.

Dressing Table, Capital model, is specially designed to accommodate and keep your most precious objects. The glass top with Led sensor lighting closes two drawers with total extraction and internal equipped compartments completely covered in velvet. The comfortable drawers on the two fronts are big and they are also enriched by the velvet-covered bottom.

The design is made unique by the special capital decoration with metal inserts; the antiqued copper gives greater importance and greater relief to the dressing table and the whole room.