primary value

QUALITY in GCCOLOMBO is a fundamental value that has influenced every choice and business policy since its founding.

Just because of the great love and great passion that GCCOLOMBO puts into the manufacturing of its furniture, the company invests a lot so that all aspects, from commercial to more strictly productive steps, follow and respect very high standards of quality levels.

Customers have to be carefully followed before, during and after the sale, guaranteeing complete and timely responses.

Sales office and the technical office work in synchrony so as to support customers and help them developing their projects.

Manufacturing phases are performed and managed internally to the company’s facilities and are supervised directly by quality control managers.

Raw materials and, generally, products used for production are all purchased by selected suppliers, which can guarantee origin and quality of their products too. This goes for woods, leathers, synthetic leathers, fabrics, but also for paints, glues and hardware.

In case of large contract projects or customized items, every single piece is pre-assembled in order to verify that everything is correct and consistent to the order received. After that, furniture is packed with a very special procedure and materials that help to prevent any damages during the delivery.

So, the concept of quality in GCCOLOMBO is therefore very wide and represents, together with “Craftsmanship” and “Made in Italy”, an essential value to preserve.