Sinebok Hotel


Sinebok Hotel

GCCOLOMBO has been actively involved in the furnishing of the SINEBOK HOTEL, hotel located in the city of Azov (Russia), on the Black Sea.

The SINEBOK HOTEL, by its nature and concept, is part of that category called “BOUTIQUE HOTEL”, that is to say those type of hotels which are different by large hotel facilities since they offer personalized and top-level accommodation and services, guaranteeing their clients maximum Comfort and high standards of quality and luxury in each and every detail.

Because of these features, BOUTIQUE HOTELS focus their attention on a number of accommodations that is generally slightly restricted than in traditional hotels.

GCCOLOMBO, thanks to its curriculum – of its company values of quality and attention to detail – of its flexibility – craftsmanship and production know-how, has been charged of the design and manufacturing of the complete furnishings for all rooms at SINEBOK HOTEL.

Wardrobes, beds, bedheadboards, bedside tables, desks, luggage cases, coffee tables…all in order to welcome SINEBOK HOTEL guests in warm, elegant and luxury rooms. Surprise them with an original and unique project to be forever fixed in their mind.