Walk-In Closets


Walk-In Closets

Thanks to its flexibility and its “know-how” acquired over the years, GCCOLOMBO is able to deal with different types of projects involving both hotels and private house and residential buildings.
In some projects GCCOLOMBO is required to focus on one part of the house, often the most important, in order to enhance it and make it unique and wonderful.

GCCOLOMBO, in this case, works closely to customers and interacts with them in order to deeply understand their real needs, what they’re looking for and their values of reference in such a way to conceive and develop a project that is specifically “tailored” on them and totally personalized.

An example of the approach to this kind of project is the design and manufacturing of a walk-in closet of 40 square metres. The customer required the use of the best and luxury finishing on the market mixed with a modern and functional mood.

GCCOLOMBO made the whole walk-in closet in glossy Makassar Ebony, both
structural and frontal parts. “Full and Empty” effects have been studied mixing slightly frosted glass drawers’ fronts and thickness of wooden shelves. The final aim was to give light and brightness to the whole room.

The layout of the equipment has been thought and designed in order to equally share HER and HIS space.